by Jan Joel - 15:09 on 24 June 2020
Nanteos - Life on a Welsh Country Estate, new publication about the Nanteos Estate and how it was run. Only available on E-bay at the moment.
by Jan Joel - 15:26 on 22 February 2020
Nanteos History book should be out in the early Spring.
by Jan Joel - 08:57 on 06 November 2019
Descendants of Adam Armstrong visit Nanteos where he worked as a Land Agent in 1820.
by Jan Joel - 13:37 on 17 October 2019
Anniversary of the death of George Powell 1842 - 1882
by Jan Joel - 18:35 on 02 July 2018
A 1750 Chippendale period Cuban mahogany and oak console table from Nanteos mansion, FOR SALE.
by Jan Joel - 09:09 on 14 May 2018
An exhibition held at Llanerchaeron Mansion (National Trust property) shows the impact women had on the estate, including a daughter of the Powell's of Nanteos.
by Jan Joel - 18:01 on 07 April 2018
A New Nanteos Publication has been written, waiting for publication.
by Jan Joel - 11:59 on 15 March 2018
The curious incident of the poet in the sea at Etretat, Normandy.
by Jan Joel - 12:23 on 14 March 2018
Residences of the Powell's of Nanteos throughout the centuries, up until the death of the Last Powell that lived at Nanteos.
by Jan Joel - 10:17 on 04 January 2018
Information required regarding the First and Second World War in the local vicinity of NANTEOS
by Jan Joel - 11:47 on 31 July 2017
I'm looking for information of the Nanteos Estate for a new publication on the workings of a country estate. Dwi'n chwilio am wybodaeth Ystad Nanteos am gyhoeddiad newydd ar waith stad wledig.
by Jan Joel - 13:21 on 20 June 2017
Celebrating 1,000 years of worship at Strata Florida with the Nanteos Cup of display. 10am - 4:30pm No charge for entrance to the event or monument
by Jan Joel - 13:09 on 20 June 2017
Nanteos Fete 25th June 2017
by Jan Joel - 07:14 on 30 May 2017
8 New Bedrooms at Nanteos
by Jan Joel - 10:55 on 15 July 2016
29th February 2016 The portrait of Reverend William Powell (1705 - 1780) has come on the market. Anyone interested in purchasing this fantastic piece of art to contact Greg at - Artware Fineart 18 La Gare 51 Surrey Row London SE1 0BZ OR By telephone : 0207 921 9704 By mobile : 07958 699 645
by The Nanteos Cup has arrived at the National Library of Wales and is on permanent display. - 08:08 on 28 June 2016
The Nanteos Cup / Cwpan Nanteos is at the National Library of WALES and is on permanent display.
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