Glasgrug Dolls House Kitchen

On the family farm I found an old wooden whisky box, I took it home and once treated for woodworm and cleaned, I began to transform it into the farm house kitchen of Glasgrug. The last photograph is on my Great Aunt Rene sitting proudly in her kitchen.

John Haig's Scotch Whisky box, fouind in the cart house.

treated and cleaned. 

Kept the outside of the box as it was, painted the inside.

Similar patterned lino placed on the floor, And made copies of the framed works. 

Fitted the beams and fireplace and began fitting the furniture.

Attempted to replicate the ornaments above the inglenock.

1960s 'Tina' print by Joseph Henry Lynch (1911-1989) 

'The Hunter' William Fitz (Late Victorian painter)

Calendar of Tannett Family sitting outside cart House in 1922.

Inglenook fireplace always lit.

The weekly read - Farmers Weekly and the Cambrian News. 

Always food on the table.

Rene in her kitchen in 2012.

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