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Life of a Welsh Country Estate

This book is an impelling account of life on a Welsh County Estate; which discusses the network of hard-working staff that would keep a country estate shipshape and inside the mansion spick and span.

It brings to life the people of the estate and immediate surrounding area. This book tells their stories and histories and explaining the interweaving of families of the community with their strong connections to the Nanteos Estate; also demonstrating how some generations of families dedicated their lives to the estate.

… In this meticulously researched and richly illustrated book the author not only provides a fascinating and extremely detailed account of the workings of a traditional Welsh country estate over several centuries and the changing fortunes of the Powell family who owned it, but also looks at the lives of the generations of servants who kept everything running efficiently both in the mansion and out offices and in the surrounding countryside. She includes chapters about the impact of the two world wars on the property, the religious and educational facilities in the locality, important events in the local community and other diverse subjects rarely covered in a work of this nature… (David S.D. Jones)


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