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Memorial Subscriptions List

With the sad loss of the heir of the Nanteos Estate in 1918, it was felt by the tenants and staff of the estate that Billy Powell should be remembered and plans were decided to build a memorial in his memory at Piccadilly, South Gate. The memorial stillstands today in South Gate, on the junction of the B4340, on the road to leading to Nanteos.

Four fundraisers were each given a note book to note down donations given and by whom.

They raised £300 10s 0d in total. Also, with interest from bank giving a grand total of £307.

A memorial service was held on Saturday January 8th 1921 at 2:30pm at St Padarn Church in Llanbadarn Fawr, and the unveiling of the memorial in Southgate took place on the 31st May 1922.


Lord Ystwyth giving a speach at the memorial in 1922

Below is a transcript of donations given by the Nanteos Estate Tenants and the local people of the area who kindly donated to the erecting of the memorial cross of the William Edward George Pryse Wynne Powell, who died in the first World War, aged 19 years.

Subscriptions List for William Powell's Memorial

Jenkin Jenkins Buildings        £10.10.0

H. Matthews & Sons Glasgrug    £10.10.0

Right Hon. Lord Ystwyth Tanybwlch    £10.10.0

Mr Richards Penwch Fawr  £5.5.0.

Master Richards & Ellis Richards Penwch Fawr     £5.5.0

Major George Fossett Roberts         £5.5.0

Aberystwyth Freemasons Lodge     £5.5.0

Mr Lloyd Tygwyn     £5.5.0

Richard Richards Gwarfelin    £5.5.0

William Hughes Tynfron        £5.5.0

Stephen Jones Pengraig        £5.5.0

Gavin Scott Aberbwynen        £5.5.0

Richard Jones Glanrafon        £5.5.0

Richard Rowlands Cwmhwylog    £5.5.0

Richard Jenkins Butcher Great Dark Gate Street £5.5.0

Mr and Mrs Morris Piercefield     £5.5.0

Evan Evans 4 Laura Place     £5.5.0

Mr Jones Troedrhiwfronferch     £5.5.0

C B Williams 2 Laura Place     £5.5.0

New Street Meeting House     £5.5.0

Cwmystwyth Mines Ltd         £5.5.0

Edwin Morris Penqwarel     £5.10.6

Mr Griffith's Penqwarel         £6.1.0

Messes Shaw & Lear 3 Laura Place £6.6.0

John Ellis Pencraig         £5.5.0

William Pugh Pencefn         £5.5.0

Richard Jones Nantybeulog Ucha £4.0.0

Edwards Bros Buildings      £3.4.0

Mr Davies Llechwedd         £3.3.0

James Scott Penglanowen     £3.3.0

John Jones Rhoslawdden     £3.3.0

E T Lewis                             £3.3.0

John W Jones Rhydyfarian     £3.3.0

E R Davies 6 Laura Place     £3.3.0

David James Nantybeulog    £3.3.0

William Davies Wernddu     £3.3.0

Thomas Vaughan Lewis Nantarthur £3.3.0

Mr Morgan Nantrhydd         £3.0.0

Mrs Parry Glanpaith         £3.0.0 + £5.0.0

T J Humphreys Cwrtycwm     £3.0.0

David Jones Blaenhwylog     £2.10.0

John Morgan Bryn ??         £2.10.0

Joel Evans Pantycyrnau      £2.10.0

John Richards Tynycwn     £2.2.0

Dr T D Harris             £2.2.0

Rev E Edwards 8 Laura Place     £2.2.0

Thomas E Jones Bachyrhew     £2.2.0

Benjamin Thomas Jones Cefnllech £2.2.0

Smith Davies Jessop Solicitors     £2.2.0

Llewelyn Jones Nanteos         £2.2.0

Capt. Howell Evans Cwmystwyth £2.2.0

Evan Thomas & Sons Southgate £2.0.0

Evan Lewis Rhoserchan         £2.2.0

William Williams Gors         £2.0.0

Mr A Jones Troedrhiwfelin    £2.0.0.

Mrs A Parry Trefechan         £1.10.0

T. W. Powell & Co Market Street £1.10.0

David Morgan Market Street     £1.10.0

Messes K & W Jones Penbryn House £1.10.0

T John Morgan Gilfachcoch     £1.10.0

Mr & Mrs W Morgan Rhydyfelin £1.1.0

Mr Williams 7 Laura Place     £1.1.0

Mr John Evans Glyndderwen     £1.1.0

Mr David James Pantgwyn     £1.1.0

Mr Benjamin Daniel Tafarncrug £1.1.0

Thomas E Owen County Surveyor £1.1.0

Mr Richards Troedrhiwlasgrug    £1.1.0

Lewis Evans Penrallt        £1.1.0

Hugh Hughes Solicitor         £1.1.0

Mr David Morgans Pier Street    £1.4.0

Mr David Richards Brynllwyd £1.1.0

Capt. Morris 13 New Street     £1.1.0

Mr John R Jenkins Cwmgaseg £1.1.0

Mr T Seaton Penparcau         £1.1.0

Mr H Daniell Southgate         £1.1.0

Mr David Jenkins Tyddynparc £1.0.0

Mr Lewis Powell Lodge Nanteos £1.0.0

Mr & Mrs Evan Griffiths Cwrtyfancy £1.0.0

Mr Feddes Frith Penybont     £1.0.0

Henry Joel Gorsucha         £1.0.0

J T Evans Rope House Fach     £1.0.0

Mr Daniell Glasfryn         £1.0.0

Morgan R Morris Gwarfelin     £1.0.0

R S M Fear Highbury Dinas Terrace   £0.10.6

S V Galloway 5 Laura Place     £10.6.0 + £10.6.0

Messes L??? Owen Deloumis     £0.10.6

Thomas Williams Forusa?     £0.10.6

E Trickey 4 Southgate         £0.10.6

Richard Lloyd Newry House     £0.10.6 + £0.10.6

W Davies 1 Southgate         £10.6.0

Jones Bros Garage         £10.6.0

Mr Thomas Gwernllyn         £10.6.0

David Davies Brynteg         £10.6.0

Francis Benson D ???         £10.6.0

Mr & Mrs Williams Glascoed     £0.10.0

Mr Richard Hughes Moriah     £0.10.0

Daniel Jones Gamekeeper Nanteos £0.10.0

Thomas E Humphreys Llain     £0.10.0

John Jones Geufron         £0.10.0

Mrs A Griffith Maespompren    £ 0.10.0

Richard Rees Jones Rhoserchan Issa £0.10.0

Mrs E Jones Rhoserchan Issa     £0.10.0

Mrs Williams Cook Nanteos     £0.10.0

Richard Jenkins Aelbryn Penparke £0.10.0 + £0.5.0

Mrs Edwards Mount Pleasant          £0.10.0

Mrs Edwards Aneedle Penparcau     £0.10.0

E W Hughes Rhayader             £0.10.0

R Spencer Highpela Dustee £0.10.0

J Ivor Williams Wernddu £0.10.0

John Davies Froncurion £0.10.0

E Parry New Mill £0.10.0

David Davies Preswylfa Capel Seion £0.10.0

Edward Lewis Tanyard £0.10.0

Charles Davies Figure Four £0.10.0

T J Thomas Brodawel £0.10.0

Richard Jones Capel Seion Smithy £ 0.10.0

W Marchant Nanteos £0.10.0

Mrs Richards South gate Cottage £0.5.0

R D Jones Penbont Cottage £0.5.0

David Davies Aelwyn £0.5.0

John Roberts Terrace Road £0.5.0

John M Jones Tyncoed £0.5.0

Mrs E Jenkins Nanteos £0.5.0

Mrs Sarah Jones Nanteos £0.5.0

Mrs Watkins Glynteg £0.5.0

Evan Benjamin Buildings £0.5.0

Evan T Lewis 11 New Street £0.5.0 + £0.5.0

Capt. Rees Anwylfan Duntree £0.5.0

Mr A J Lloyd Ocean View Duntree £0.5.0

John Jenkins Moelfyryn £0.5.0

W H Thomas Nantygleisiad £0.5.0

Mrs J Davies Pentrebont £0.5.0

John Davies Gwynfryn £0.5.0

John Thomas Bronaler £0.5.0

D T Evans Tegfan £0.5.0

John Davies Cliff View £0.5.0

William Evans Meirnos £0.5.0

Morris Evans Maestwynog £0.5.0

Mr Edwards Southgate Cottage £0.5.0

Mr Green Nanteos £0.2.6.

Mrs Jenkins Chapel House Moriah £0.2.6

Mr Humphreys Moriah £0.2.6

David Jenkins Brynterion £0.2.6

J T Jenkins Avondale £0.2.6

George Probert Capel Seion £0.2.6

W Freeman West End £0.2.6

A C Jones High cliff £0.2.6

W Phillips Hillside £0.2.6

Richard Hughes £0.11.0 (Moriah)


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