Census Returns

Occupants of Nanteos     
 Nanteos Mansion Census Returns details, 1841 through to 1901 (the data is only of the Mansion itself, and does not include the surrounding area).    

Census Returns for Nanteos Mansion 1841 - 1901

Anne Southern Servant aged 74 Female Servant
Emma Southern Servant aged 30 Female Servant
Mary Jones Servant aged 22 Female Servant
James Jacob Servant aged 25 Agricultural Labourer
Jenkin Humphreys Servant aged 50 Agricultural Labourer

Samuel Odell Servant aged 35 Gardener born Bromham
Mary James Servant aged 30 House Servant born Tanyllyn Merioneth
Catherine Phelps Servant aged 23 born Hartpury Gloucestershire
Margaret Jones Servant aged 29 House Servant born Dolyberllan

No records available

W. T. R. Powell Head aged 55 Lt. Colonel served J.P. D.L. born Swansea Glamorgan
William Edward Phelp Cousin aged 47 Captain Leicester born Portman Square London
John E. Blackburn Visitor aged 58 Literary born Calcutta
Athelstan Charles Powell Nephew aged 16 Scholar born St Tropez France
John Seiler Servant aged 29 Valet born Switzerland
James Henry Williams Servant aged 26 Valet born Hants
John Bache Servant aged 17 Pantry Boy born Salop Brockham
Evan Hughes Servant aged 40 Coachman born Llanbadarn Fawr
Elizabeth Morgan Domestic aged 33 Housekeeper born Llanbadarn Fawr
Mary Evans Domestic aged 28 Housemaid aged 28 born Llanbadarn Fawr
Catherine Evans Domestic aged 30 Housemaid aged 30 Aberystwyth
Margaret Evans Domestic aged 22 Kitchen Maid born Aberystwyth

Sylvanus H. Lewis Head aged 52 Estate Agent born Newcastle Emlyn
Robert Wakelin Servant aged 36 Butler born Kingston on Thames
Clara Wakelin Servant aged 36 born Germany (British Subject)
Mary Poiter Servant aged 18 Housemaid born Oldsmith Gloucestershire

William B. Powell Head aged 55 J.P. D.L. living on own means born Merioneth
Anna Maria Powell Wife aged 52 Llandyfriog
Edward A. L. Powell Son aged 20 born Denbeigh
Sylvanus H. Lewis Brother in Law aged 62 Estate Agent born Llandyfriog
William Chatones Servant aged 24 born Salop Drayton
Martha Annie Chatones Butlers wife born Tenby Pembrokeshire
Jane Parry Servant aged 26 Cook (Domestic) born Llandyfriog
Emily Lewis Servant aged 25 Upper Housemaid born Cheshire Tallon Hall
Anne Jones Servant aged 40 Housemaid born Llanbadarn Fawr
Margaret Williams Servant aged 18 Kitchen Maid born Talyllyn Merioneth

William B. Powell Head aged 65 J.P. D.L. living on own means born Aberdovery
Anna Maria Powell Wife aged 66 born Newcastle Emlyn
Edward A. L. Powell Son aged 30 Captain Militia born Denbigh
Margaret Powell Daughter in Law aged 36 born Llanbadarn Fawr
Sylanvus H. Lewis Brother in Law aged 72 Estate Agent born Newcastle Emlyn
Jane Parry Servant aged 70 Cook (Domestic) born Llangranog
Mary Jones servant aged 44 Undercook (Domestic) born St. Clears
Maria A. Edwards Servant aged 16 Maid (Domestic) born St. Dogmells
Maggie Edwards Servant aged 16 Kitchenmaid born Llanilar
Charlotte Jones Servant aged 19 Housemaid born Llaugharne
James Jarvis Servant aged 35 Butler born Brampton
Philip Jones Servant aged 28 Groom born London
Lucy Bagthawe Servant aged 33 Nurse born Coventry Warwick



William B. Powell Head 77 Married for 47 years Landed Propiertor Merioneth Aberdovey

Ann M. Powell Wife 77 Married for 47 years Cardigan Newcastle Emlyn

Margaret Evans Servant 34 Single Servant Domestic Cardigan Newcastle Emlyn

Sarah Davies Servant 28 Single Servant Domestic South America British Subject

Elizabeth Breeze Servant 22 Single Servant Domestic Montgomery Welshpool

Myfanwy Thomas Servant 17 Single Servant Domestic Denbigh Glancronay

Charles Herbert Servant 49 Single Servant Domestic Gloucester Cirenchester

Charles Johnson Servant 25 Single Servant Domestic Stafford Burton on Trent


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