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Just spent a lovely night at Nanteos in the Formosa Suite.

Met a gentleman and his wife who used to visit in the 1970s. In those days you could pay circa 10 shillings for a family pass to explore the grounds and buildings.

Legend has it that there is treasure buried within the building. One of the wives of an owner (not sure which couple) was rumoured to be having an affair. The husband found out and threatened to take back all the fine jewelery he had bought her so she secreted it about the house.

The walled garden has been tidied and is to receive a £100k spend to bring it back to life. The lake is almost entirely covered in water lilies and there are plans to cut them back by 2/3rds and re-introduce fish.

Whilst there I saw two otters swim by and a Heron surveying his kingdom.

The hotel has 14 rooms with plans to open another 8. There are also plans to build a spa.

The owners and staff have managed to make a luxury house feel very welcoming and homely... well worth a visit even just for afternoon tea and an exploration of the grounds
Posted by Andrew on 01 July 2013
Pryse Powell history
My father and his father were christened Charles and John 'Pryse Powell' respectively. John was born between 1875 and 1885 but we do not know the location. As the 'Pryse Powell' name seems an unusual link and spelling I have wondered whether there may be any explanation for the coincidence. We have read in the Nantoes history that Thomas Powell married Margaret Pryse (the last resident at Nanteos) and supposedly they only had one son who apparently died in WW1. Any feedback would be very welcome. Thanks. Hazel
Posted by Hazel Powell on 19 April 2012
The Pryse name comes from the Gogerddan Estate, near Aberystwyth. Margaret Pryse married Edward Powell in 1897
Posted by on 20 April 2012
Very impressive. Well Done!!
Posted by Colin on 02 October 2009
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