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St. Padarn's church, Llanbadarn Fawr, Aberystwyth.

St. Padarn church is the largest medieval church in Wales, founded in the sixth century, and is a Grade 2* listed building. Located one mile East of Aberystwyth, and three miles North of Nanteos Mansion

The Powell Family of Nanteos are buried in Llanbadarn Fawr Church. The Powells of Nanteos, were landed gentry of Cardiganshire owning a vast acreage of land in the area. Some are commemorated in the stain glass windows around the alter of the church.

The large window above the alter was erected under the direction of George Ernest John Powell's Will, in the memory of his mother Rosa Edwyna Powell, who died in 1860 aged 42 and his sister Harriet Edwyna Powell, who died in 1857 aged 15. 

The south window commemorates three figures of the Powell  family:

Cornelius Powell who died 3rd July 1864, aged 46.

William Edward Phelp who died 5th December 1879, aged 62

William Thomas Rowland Powell who dies 13th May 1878 aged 62

Erected 1884 by George Frederick William Powell. Son of the late Cornelius Powell.

The first Memorial Stone illustrated below is of Colonel John Jones, who raised the Cardiganshire Militia in support of King Charles I during the Civil War, he was the earliest known inhabitant of the Nanteos estate. He had three daughters, Mary, Anne and Elinor. Anne succeeded on her father’s death in 1666.

John Jones of Nanteos

Here lie the earthly remains of John Jones

of Nant Eòs in the County of Cardigan, Esq. Lieutent Coll. of

a Foot Regimt raised there for the service of Kg Charles ye 1 st of bld Memory

who by the Grace of God was true

To the Church in time of persecution

To the King in time of Rebellion

when for doing good, he suffered much evil

and after when it lay in his power he required none.

Who in the midst of much business and tedious Trouble

was a great example of Learning Himself, and a Furtherer of it to others.

A Loving Husband,

A tender Father,

And a faithful Friend,

Who lived to see this Kingdom restor'd, but was called to receive his reward

in a better,

In the year of our Lord 1666, of his own Age 32.

To the pious and well deserved Remembrance of whom,

This Memorial was set up in the year 1708 by his Daughter Anne The disconsolate relict of the above Inscrib'd

Cornelius Le Brun Esq.

With whom and her Father she hopes in God's good time to rest here

In peace, and at the last Day with them to partake of

A Happy Resurrection.


Cornelius Le Brun

Here lies

interred the Body



the 4th day of December 1627, and

dyed the 10th day of September 1703

at NANTEOS in this COUNTY.

In tender duty to whose memory

this Monument was set up at the

Expense, and by the order

of his Daughter



Sir Thomas Powell of Llechwedd Dyrus

Virum liberalem

lngemo praestantiorem .

Memoria felicissimum,'

Scientiaque omnimoda cultum; quaeris viator

Hic jacet.

Venerandi hic nempe quiescunt manes

Thomae Poveili Militis,

Causidici olim consultissimi

Dein Cambriae septentrionalis & apud Ludovien

Iudicis intamioati,

Scaccary postea Baronis & Banci pegy

Regnum capessente GULIEMO 3 judicis,

Post capitalem Angliae justiciarIum primary

Qui cum rei publicae vicissitudini morem gerere

Conscientia prohiberet

Per sedecim qui reliqui erant vitae annos,

Inopes; et oppressos consilio gratis sublevando,

Si quis alius sui muneris civis

Utilitati publicae egregie consuluit

Obijt die 22° January A. D. 1704/5 AEtatis suae 73

Morbo diutino confectus

Quem lamen mira animi constantia

Salva etiam mortis articulo aequanimitate


Pietatis ergo Patri charissimo,

Gulielmus Powel F.H.


English Translation -

I mourn an illustrious gentleman of most happy memory, cultivated in every aspect of knowledge; [since] you ask, traveller, here he lies. Here rest the shades, undoubtedly venerable, of Thomas Powell, Knight, once a highly respected attorney, then of the North Wales circuit and at Ludlow an honoured judge, afterwards Baron of the Exchequer and a judge of the King’s Bench, administering the law of William III, first after the chief justice of England; who when conscience forbade him to comply with the state’s change of circumstance, spent sixteen years of his remaining life in alleviating the poor and the oppressed with free counsel; or if [i.e. in the case of] a citizen of his own office, he gave advice eminently useful to the public. He died on 22 January A. D. 1704/5, aged 73, long afflicted by illness, which he bore nevertheless with a marvellous constancy of spirit, preserving equanimity even in the grip of death. So to a very dear father in respect. William Powell made this [monument].

Sir Thomas Powell lived in Llechwedd Dyrus across the Paith steam from Nanteos. His son William married Avarina Le Brun of Nanteos, daughter of Cornelius Le Brun, in 1699. This is point in history where the Powell family began their long establishment at Nanteos.

William Powell & Avarina (Le Brun) Powell

Near this place lie the

Bodies of. William Powell Esq. Son of

Sir Thomas Powell - Knight & of

Avarina his wife Daughter of

Cornelius Le Brun Esq.

She died January 9th 1728 aged 53 years

He May 8th 1738 in the 80th year of his Age

Having lived together upwards of 31 years

in uninterrupted Harmony and Affection

She among other excellencies

Possessed an understanding superior to

most of her Sex, and for ye good Conduct. and

Government of her affairs, and Family, left

few Equals.

He was Master of sound sense and prudence

formed on Experience, and regulated by

Temper and Moderation

His Duty to the best of Fathers

Whose virtues and principles he inherited with

his Fortune, was exceeded only by his

Piety to his Creator. Both well discharged the several duties of Christians,

Parents, Friends, and were re-markabIy.

Eminent for their singular

Benevolence and Hospitality.

They had Issue three Sons;

Thomas, John who died in Africa May 7th 1737,

and William, and two Daughters, Eliz. and Ann.

Their Eldest Son,

Out of a pious regard to the memory of his

dear parents, has caused this stone to be


Here also lie the bodies of William, Charles, and

of Ann Portrey, son and Daughter of Richd

Portrey of Ynys cedwin in ye county of

Brecon Esq. by the above mentioned Eliz.

Both died Infants.


Reverend William Powell

William took over the completion of Nanteos mansion on the death of his brother Thomas, and died at Nanteos aged 80 years old.

Thomas Powell son of Reverend William Powell


William Edward Powell son of Thomas Powell

William Edward Powell died at Nanteos, and this menorial tablet was erected by his 2nd wife, Harriet Dell Powell.

Richard Owen Powell (Brother of William Edward Powell)

Sacred to the memory of Richard Owen Powell, Esq., who departed this life on the 4th June 1859, aged 65 years.

Also Athelstan Owen Powell, eldest son of the above Richard Owen Powell, died at Llwynhiriaeth, Cemmaes, Montgomeryshire, 29th of April 1874, aged 43 years.

Also Elinor Harriet Powell, eldest daughter of the above Athelstan Owen Powell. Born September 8th 1864; died November 1st 1889. Buried at Ilford Cemetery, near London.


Laura Edwyna Powell died at Nanteos (William Edward Powell's 1st wife)


Harriott Edwyna Powell dies at Nanteos in 1857 of comsumption.

Cornelius Powell (Brother of William Thomas Rowland Powell)


William Edward Phelp (Uncle to Cornelius & W.T.R. Powell)

George Fredrick William Powell (Son of Cornelius Powell)


George Ernest John Powell died at Nanteos. Rosa Edwyna his mother & Harriet his sister are also buried here.

George Ernest John Powell buried East of the Church


William Beauclerc Powell and his wife Anna Maria Powell died at Nanteos within two days of each other.

Edward Athelstan Lewis Powell & Margaret Lousia Joan (Pryse) Powell are also buried here, sadly no funding was available to inscribe the memorial stone.


Edward Athelstan Lewis Powell died at Nanteos


William Edward George Pryse Wynne Powell died at war in France


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