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Marriage of Edward and Margaret Powell

Cambrian News February 5 1897

Uniting in the bonds of marriage two of the oldest families in Cardiganshire.

Midday ceremony at St John’s Church Penrhyncoch

Elaborate arches spanned the road –

‘God Bless the happy pair’

‘Long life and happiness to Mrs and Mr Powell’

‘May your path be pleasant’

‘Union of love’

‘God bless the Bride and Groom’

‘Plas Gogerddan a Nanteos’

Bride was given away by her father, and she was attired in a rich ivory satin gown with court train, the bodice being drawn in folds of satin was relieved in a chemisette of chiffon, being kept in place by a row of fine pearls. The bodice was draped in Brussels lace with garlands of orange and myrtle. The sleeves were also of tucked chiffon with small puff gathered in a frill to face on the chiffon also the high collar has folded chiffon falling long at the back. The wreath of orange blossoms, myrtle and jasmine were under a tulle veil. Ornaments she wore – diamond and white sapphire brooch, diamond brooch and her veil was pinned with Countess Amherst’s present of two large turquoise pin, diamond ring bracelet and brooch from bridegroom, diamond and enamelled bangle and one other bangle. The bridesmaids were Miss Holfod and Miss Cosens Bronpadarn and they wore rich blue silk with blue white sprays.

Mr and Mrs Powell left in the afternoon for Hereford by special train.

A wedding gift from the Nanteos tenants was a collection of money to purchase a Raleigh car from Windover, Turril & Son London.

The Aberystwith Observer

4 February 1897


On Saturday morning Mr. A. E. L. Powell, son of Mr. W. Powell, Nanteos Eos, was the recipient of a magnificent gift from the tenantry of his esteemed father’s on the occasion of his marriage to Miss L. J. Pryse, Gogerddan, The presentation toom the form of a handsome Raleigh car (of the value of 45 guineas), with pneumatic tyres, the makers of which were Messrs Windover, Turrill, and Sons, Longcare, London. The formal handling over of the gift was made at the coach house, when Mr. Morris, made a very appropriate speech, and read the following address:-

‘We the Tenants on the Nant Eos Estate, gladly avail ourselves of the occasion of your approaching marriage with Miss Pryse, of Gogerddan, to tender you our heartfelt congratulations and beg your acceptance of a small token of our regard for you personally, as well as for the ever-generous family of Nant Eos. We feel confident that the cordial relation between Landlord and Tenants will be handed on, when the time comes, which is yet we hope far distance when you will succeed to the Estate.

We rejoice over the approaching alliance of two such time honoured ancestral houses as Nant Eos and Gogerddan, and look for the happiest result from the Union.

We wish you and your charming bride long life and health, and every happiness that a kind Providence can give,

Signed of behalf of the tenants.

                                                          Morgan Morris

                                                          Edwin Morris

Speeches succeeded from the following gentlemen: -

Messrs Richard Edwards, Glanrhos, Evan Richards, Penuwch, Richard Gwarfelin, James James, Wernddu, G. Scott, Aberbrwynen, James Scott, Penglanowen, Edward Richards, Pencraig, and Wm. Hughes Glanafon. Mr A. E. L. Powell, Mr W. Powell, and Mr Sylvanus Lewis having kindly acknowledged the gift, there was an adjournment to the house, where a capital luncheon was partaken of, and where Mr Powell proudly exhibited the harness presented to him by the workpeople of the estate.  

The Aberystwith Observer

11th February 1897

Marriage Rejoicings – The parish of Llanychaiarn, in the absence of the moon and all the stars and planets, was well lighted by huge bonfires, and in many houses burning candles were placed in every pane of the windows. It was plain that some important event had taken place, and upon inquiries we were informed that the grand illumination was made to commemorate the marriage of Mr E. A. Powell, Nanteos, to Miss Pryse, of Gogerddan. The bonfires were to be seen on the most conspicuous part of the farm of Mr Humphreys, Cwrtycwm, Mr Jones, Trefedlin, Mr Morgans, Cefnmelgoed, and Mr Scott, Aberbrwnen. The latter one was facing another bonfire lit by Mr Jenkins, of Penpegws, and between both the darkness had been driven out from the valley of the Ystwyth and the hills facing it. These fires showed the high respect of the tenants to their coming landlord.

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