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Laura Place, Aberystwyth.

Located near Aberystwyth Castle and the Old University College of Wales. Built by the Nanteos Estate, in the mid 1820s in memory of Laura Edwyna Powell the first wife of William Edward Powell of Nanteos.

Richard Owen Powell, brother to William Edward Powell of Nanteos lived at Laura Place for a number of years, and became the Mayor of Aberystywth in 1840.




Below is the Census Returns for Laura Place, dating from 1841 - 1911


Unnumbered Ann Morris aged 45

Unnumbered Vere Webb aged 45

Unnumbered John Hughes aged 44 Born 1792 Cardiganshire

                                    Elizabeth Hughes 

                                    Jane Hughes Daughter 12 born 1829                               

                                    Fanny Benson 20 born 1821

                                    ? Evans 40 Born 1820

                                    Rune Evans 40 Born 1801

                                    Jane Williams 40 Born 1801

                                    Mary Jones 23 Born 1818

                                    John Williams 26 Born 1813

                                    Mary Williams 33 Born 1815

Unnumbered William Thomas aged 33 Born 1808

                                    Margaret Humphreys 25 Born 1816

Unnumbered ? Pierce Thomas aged 60

Unnumbered Richard Powell Head aged 44 Independent

                                    Elinor Powell Daughter aged 11    

                                    Athelstan Powell son aged 9

                                    William Powell Son aged 7

                                    Anna Richards Servant aged 17

                                    Jane Evans Servant aged 32

                                    Margaret Richards Servant aged 24

                                    Margaret Taylor Servant aged 53

                                    William Thomas Servant aged 19

                                    Jane Williams Servant aged 15



Unnumbered Frederick Rowland Roberts Head aged 33 Attorney Solicitor

Unnumbered Richard Gilbertson Head aged 33 Surgeon

Unnumbered Richard Owen Powell Head aged 54 J.P. Born Cheam Kent

                   Athelstan Owen Powell Son aged 18 Scholar Born Aberystwyth

                   William Beauclerc Powell Son aged 16 Scholar Born Aberdovey

                   Ann Morris Servant aged 25 Cook Aberystwyth

                   Catherine Jones Servant aged 22 House Maid


Unnumbered Lewis Maurice Head aged 87 Magistrate

No.6  Thomas William Wells aged 36 Land Agent

Unnumbered George Fossett

Unnumbered Elizabeth Hughes aged 60

Unnumbered Pierce Evans aged 70 County Magistrates & Collector of Customs




Frederick Rowland Roberts Head aged 43 Attorney of Law Born  Minister, Isle of Thanet Ken

Jane Roberts Wife aged 39 Born Aberystwyth

Jane Roberts Daughter aged 17 Born Aberystwyth

Laura Roberts Daughter aged 7 Born Aberystwyth

Frederick Richard Robert aged 1 Son Born Aberystwyth

Mary Bowen Servant aged 24 House Servant Born Llanbadarn Fawr

Elizabeth Nightingale aged 30 House Servant Born Aberystwyth

Sarah Lloyd aged 23 House Servant Born Llanbadarn Fawr


William Charles Rhodes Head aged 48 Mail Guard Born Grantham Lincs

Sophia Holland Rhodes Wife aged 44 Born Salford Manchester

Frances Elizabeth Rhodes Daughter aged 13 Scholar Born Manchester

Anne Rhodes Daughter aged 11 Scholar Born Mancheste

Emily Rhodes Daughter aged 9 Scholar Born Manchester

Frances Elizabeth Rhodes aged 72 Widow No Occupation Born Grantham Lincs


Rebecca Davies Servant 21 General Servant Born Llanfihangel Geneu'r Glyn


James Maurice Head aged 50 Landed Proprietor Born Llanrhystyd

Margaret Maurice sister aged 46 Fund holder Born Llanrhystyd

Anne Jones aged24 Lady's champion Born Llanrhystyd

Catherine Isaac Servant aged 40 House Servant Born Aberystwyth


Gilbert Trowe Williams Head aged 55 Gentleman Land Proprietor

Mary Ann Williams Wife aged 46 Born Incles Wilts

Julia Evelina Daughter aged 17 Scholar Born Biddleston Wilts

Gilbert John Williams Son aged 16 Scholar Born Biddleston Wilts

William Henry Becket Williams Son aged 15 Scholar Born Corsham Wilts

Chas Williams Son aged 13 twin Scholar Born Corsham Wilts

Theodore Williams Son age 13 twin Scholar Born Corsham Wilts

Mary Ann Sophia Williams Daughter aged 11 Scholar Born Corsham Wilts

Phillipa Rose Williams Daughter aged 4 Scholar Born Corsham Wilts

 Eliza Davies Servant aged 29 General Servant Born Penparke    


Thomas William Wells Head aged 46 Land Agent Born Aberystwyth

Catherine Lydia Wells Wife aged 46 Born Long Port Staff  

Elizabeth Jenkins Servant aged 21 House Servant Born Blaenplwyf


William Henry Thomas Head aged 53 Attorney of Law Born Sheerness Kent

Jane Thomas Wife aged 48 Born Aberystwyth

Margaret Doughton Servant aged 42 Servant Born Aberystwyth

Jane Williams Servant aged 19 Servant Born Clynon Merioneth

No. 8

Henry P. G. Brooke Head aged 30 Professor in Music Born St. Michaels Lincoln

Maria C. Brooke Wife aged 35 Born Marylebone London

Charles C. R. Parry Stepson aged 10 Born Aberystwyth

 Henrietta A. M. Parry Stepdaughter aged 14 Born Aberystwyth

 Elizabeth Griffiths Servant aged 26 Servant Born Tregaron                              

No. 9

George Fossett Head aged 65 Mine Agent & partner in Sundry Mines Born London

Elizabeth Fossett Wife aged 42 Born Aberystwyth

Margaret Price Servant aged 46 Cook (Widow) Born Aberystwyth

Mary Jane Price Cook's Daughter aged 21 in School in London Born London

No. 10

John Deane Head (Widower) aged 69 Propietor of mine & Bank Shares Born Dublin

 Mary Baker Servant aged 35 House maid Born Glos

Jane Doughton Servant aged 26 Cook Born Aberystwyth 



 Anne Jones servant single aged 30 Servant Born 1841 Llansantffraid

Amelia Owen visitor aged 12 Visitor Born 1859 Aberystwyth


Daniel House Head widower aged 61 Annuitant Born 1810 London

 Maria Cooper Mother widow aged 79 Born 1792 born Wantage Berkshire

Clara House Daughter aged 12 Born 1859 born Hereford

 Margaret Davies servant single aged 31 general servant born Aberystwyth


Elisabeth Fossett Head single aged 52 born Aberystwyth

Margaret Price servant widow aged 55 servant born Plumlinon


 Richard Parry Head married aged 65 Land Owner born Aberystwyth

 Martha Parry wife married aged 44 born Montgomery

 Richard Oliver Parry son single 29 Mariner born Aberdovey

 Anna Maria Lumley Parry daughter single aged 23 Mercer Assistant born Aberdovey

 Priscilla Parry daughter single aged 16 Scholar born Machynlleth

 Sarah Anne Parry daughter single aged 13 Scholar born Machynlleth

 Martha Jones servant single aged 35 servant born Montgomery Dolfawr


Henry William Thomas Head widower aged 61 Solicitor born Kent

Margaret Doughton servant single aged 50 domestic servant born Aberystywth

Elizabeth Doughton servant single aged 21 domestic servant born Aberystwyth


Eliza Jenkins Servant aged 31 House Servant born Llanychiarn


Gilbert Towe Williams Head married aged 63 Landowner born Wilts West Livington

Mary Ann Williams wife married aged 54 born Wilts Devizes

Julia Evelina Williams daughter single aged 21 born Wilts Biddestone

Gilbert John Williams son single aged 25 born Wilts Biddestone

Charles Williams son single aged 23 Undergraduate Oxford born Wilts Castham

Theodore Williams son single 23 Undergraduate Oxford born Wilts Castham

Mary Anne Sophia Williams single aged 20 born Wilts Castham

Philippa Rose Williams daughter single aged 13 Scholar born Wilts Castham

Eliza Davies servant single aged 39 general servant born Penparke


James Morris Head single aged 63 No occupation born Cardigan

 Sarah Anne Jones Niece single aged 32 born Cardigan

 Mary Watkins servant single aged 26 general servant born Cardigan


Mary Owen Servant single aged 27 born Aberystwyth


Jane Jones Daughter single aged 28 born Aberystwyth

Mary Jones daughter single aged 23 born Aberystwyth

Thomas Jones don single aged 21 Solicitor’s general clerk born Aberystywth

Margaretta Jones daughter single aged 17 Scholar born Aberystwyth

Jeremiah Morgan Lodger single aged 78 Shipbuilder born Aberystwyth


Sarah Cope Moore Head single aged 30 School Mistress born Jamaica British Subject

Sampress S. L, Henley pupil aged 9 Scholar born Stafford Lengton

Cornelius I. Henley pupil aged 8 Scholar born Stafford Lengton

Julia Davies servant married aged 24 general servant born Cardigan

University College of Wales

David Charles Head married aged 58 Calvinistic Methodist Minister born Merioneth Bala

Mary Morgans servant single aged 26 Housekeeper born Aberaeron

 Jane Lewis servant single aged25 general servant born Aberaeron     



John F Evans married aged 48 Manager of Marie & Association born Cardigan Aberystwyth

Caroline Evans wife Married aged 39 born Southampton

Stanley Evans son aged 15 scholar born Cardigan Aberystwyth

Harold John Evans son aged 13 scholar born Cardigan Aberystwyth

Ethel Alice daughter aged 13 scholar born Cardigan Aberystwyth

Cyril Austin Evans son aged 2 month born Cardigan Aberystwyth

Jane Pierce servant aged 19 general servant born Cardigan Aberystwyth

Jane Davies servant single aged 17 nurse servant born Cardigan Aberystwyth


Margaret  Jones Head aged 63 Lodging House Keeper born Aberystwyth

Mary Jones daughter single aged 27 born Aberystwyth

Margaretta Jones daughter single aged 26 born Aberystwyth

Thomas Jones son single aged 29 Assistant Chemist born Aberystwyth


John Evans Head married aged 60 Flour Dealer born Montgomery Mallwyd

Margaret Evans wife married aged 53 born Llanfihangel Gener Glyn

John  Evans son single aged 23 law student articled to a solicitor born Llanfihangel Gener Glyn

Sophia Anne Evans daughter single aged 21 born Llanfihangel Gener Glyn

Elizabeth Jennetta Evans daughter single aged 17 born Llanfihangel Gener Glyn

Anna Mary Evans daughter aged 13 scholar born Llanfihangel Gener Glyn

James Evans son aged 11 scholar born Llanfihangel Gener Glyn

Margaret Jones servant single aged 28 general servant born Llanfihangel Gener Glyn


Griffith Jones Head married aged 32 Solicitor born Cardiganshire Aberystwyth

Anne Laugham Jones wife married aged 34 born Cardiganshire Aberystwyth

Griffith E. P. Jones son aged 6 born Cardiganshire Aberystwyth

Morgan L. P. Jones son aged 4 born Cardiganshire Aberystwyth

John Stanley Jones son aged 3 born Cardiganshire Aberystwyth

Lewis Laugham P. Jones son aged 2 born Cardiganshire Aberystwyth

Margaret Lynette P. Jones daughter aged 4 months

Elizabeth Jones servant married aged 30 cook born Llanwenog

Elizabeth Williams servant single aged 21 nurse born Stafford

Catherine Morgan servant single aged 23 Housemaid Cardigan Ponterwyd

Harriet Williams servant single aged 15 nurse born Cardigan Aberystwyth


James S Green Head married aged 40 General Practitioner Head single aged 40 born Stafford

Nanir Edward Hare visitor single aged 24 Surgeon not practicing born Ireland Dublin

Elizabeth Jones servant single aged 26 general servant born Cardigan Peithyll


Catherine Lydia Wells aged 68 Dividends born Stafford Longporth

Anne Evans servant single aged 32 general servant born Cardigan Llanfihangel

Mary Jenkins servant single aged 19 general servant born Cardigan Aberystwith




Richard Parry Head widow aged 75 Landowner born Cardigan Aberystwith

Seylla Parry daughter single aged 26 born Montgomery Machynlleth

Sarah Ann Parry daughter single aged 23 born Montgomery Machynlleth

Mary Anne Davies niece single aged 26 born Cardigan Aberystwith

Richard O. Williams nephew married aged 43 born Cardigan Aberystwith

Mary Anne Rees servant single aged 22 general servant born Cardigan Aberystwith


Elizabeth Fossett Head widow aged 62 born Cardigan Aberystwith

Jemima Fossett niece single aged 62 born London

Margaret Price servant widow aged general servant born Cardigan Llanbadarn

Kate Humphreys servant single aged 20 general servant born Cardigan Cwmystwith 




Mary Blanqney Hauptman Head widow aged 64 School Mistress born Carmarthen

Sarah Anne Morris sister single aged 62 School mistress born Carmarthen


David House Head widower aged 71 Dividends born London

Clara House daughter single aged 21 born Hereford

Mary Anne Evans servant single aged 29 general servant born Aberystwith



Arthur Johnson Hughes Head aged 43 Solicitor

Mary Elizabeth Hughes wife aged 38     

Florence Mary Hughes daughter aged 18

Herbert A Hughes son aged 17

Lewis Reinald Hughes son aged 8 Scholar

Mary Evans Servant aged 20 House Maid Domestic Born Llanbadarn Y Creuddyn Upper

Mary Parry Servant aged 42Cook Born Melindwr 


Johanna Humpide aged 46 Widow Teacher of Languages Born Germany

Herbert Humride son aged 8 Scholar

Frankus Humride son aged 6 Scholar

Francis Humride sister in law aged 22 Teacher Born Gloucester

 Ellen Mayor Servant aged 22 General Servant Domestic


Elisabeth Fossett Head aged 72 widow Living by own means

Annette  ??? Niece

George F Roberts Nephew aged 20 Brewer

Jane Jones Servant aged 26 Cook Domestic Servant

Elizabeth Jones servant aged 16 Housemaid


Joseph Davies Head aged 32 Solicitor Born Montgomery

Mary Davies Wife aged 32

Jennie E Davies Daughter aged 5

Edward J Davies Son aged

Joseph G Davies Son aged 2

Sarah Morton Servant aged 25 General Domestic Servant

Nellie Walis Servant aged 19 Nurse Domestic


Richard Arthur Pope Head aged 30 Head Master Grammar School

Edward Charles Francis aged 28 School Master

William Jones aged 20 School Master

William Rees Davies aged 18 Student

Howard Stanley Wooding aged 14 Student

Edward Price Meredith aged 16 Student

Thomas Herbert aged 13 Student

John Bennett aged 16 Student

William Edward Kinsey aged 15 Student

 Cecil Coutts aged 14 Student    

 Thomas Newell Humphreys aged 13 Student

Arthur C Russel aged 9 Student

Janet Keewod Housekeeper aged 40 Matron & Housekeeper

Ellen Griffith Servant aged 26 Cook Domestic Servant

Sarah Anne Evans Servant aged 19 Housemaid 


John Morgan Head aged 45 Timber Merchant

Catherine Morgan Wife aged 47

Lillian Mary Morgan Daughter aged 12 Scholar

Martha Lewis Servant aged 20 General ServMary Jones Servant aged 19 General Servant Domestic


Mary Roberts Head 66 Living on own means

Margaret Evans Servant aged 74 Cook Domestic

Mary Ann Lloyd Servant aged 24 Domestic Servant


Eva Evans



            Arthur Ann Jenkins Head married aged 53 born Cardigan Aberystwyth

            Mary Elizabeth Hughes married aged 48 born Cardigan Aberystwyth

            Jane Humphreys servant single aged 32 general servant Shrewsbury

            Rachel Jones servant aged 23 general servant Llangeitho


            Johnanna Hunpidge Head widow aged 55 school mistress own a/c at home Germany

            Herbert Hunpidge son single aged 18 bank clerk born Cardigan Aberystwyth

            Ellen Beddowes servant single aged 18 general servant domestic born Cardigan Aberystwyth


Geroge Fossett Roberts Head married aged 30 brewery manager born Cardigan Aberystwyth

Mary Fossett Roberts wife aged 30 born Cardigan Aberystwyth

H E Fossett Roberts daughter aged 3 born Cardigan Aberystwyth

Phillis Mary Roberts daughter aged 2 born Cardigan Aberystwyth

Elizabeth Fossett Aunt widow aged 82 on own means

Mary Nicholas servant single aged 35 cook domestic Pembroke Cilgwyn

Mary Jones servant single aged 21 Lady’s maid born Cardigan Llanilar

Ellen Edwards servant single 19 Housemaid born Cardigan Llanbadarn

Ellen Mary Watkins servant single aged 18 nurse born Cardigan Aberystwyth


Joseph Davies Head married age 42 solicitor born Mongomery

Mary Jane Davies wife aged 42 born Cardigan Aberystwyth

Jennie Evelyn Davies daughter single aged 15 born Rhydyfelin

Joseph Gordon Davies son aged 12 born Cardigan Aberystwyth

John Morgan Davies son aged 6 born Cardigan Aberystwyth

Ann Morgan servant aged 40 general servant domestic born Penllwyn


Jane Jones Williams Head married aged 52 boarding house keeper own a/c at home born Cardigan Aberystwyth

            David Arnold Williams son aged 15 born Cardigan Aberystwyth

            Eleanor Williams daughter aged 13 born Cardigan Aberystwyth

            Gwen Maria Williams daughter aged 9 born Cardigan Aberystwyth

            Mary Williams daughter aged 6 born Cardigan Aberystwyth

            Elizabeth Morgan servant aged 19 born Montgomery



            Mary Jane Owen Head widow 53 born Goginan

            Myfanwy Owen single aged 17 born Caernarfon

            Maria Jones single aged 43 born Cardigan Aberystwyth

            John Henry Morgan single aged 20 born Montgomery

            Edward Davies single aged 17 born Llanfairceirion



            Margaret S Williams Head single aged 53 Boarding house keeper own a/c born Brecon Llangemarch

            Agnes Anne Williams niece aged 20 born Brecon Builth

            Charles Panche boarder married aged 30 Church ??? own a/c born Norfolk

            Eunice Maria Panche boarder married aged 30 Church ??? a/c born  Cardigan Aberystwyth

            Susannah Williams boarder married 64 living on own means born London

            Charles Elsden boarder single 29 Student born Herts Herford

            Ralph Allen Daniell boarder single aged 29 Bookseller own a/c Milor



            Mary Roberts Head single aged 76 on own means born Cardigan Aberystwyth

            Catherine Evans servant single aged 39general servant domestic born Cardigan Llanarth



            Evan Evans married aged 50 solicitor own a/c born Cardigan Aberystwyth

            Ann Evans married aged 49 born Cardigan Aberystwyth

            Martha Evans daughter single aged 20 born Cardigan Aberystwyth

            Ivor Evans son single aged 19 born Cardigan Aberystwyth

            Evan Richard Evans son single aged 18 born Cardigan Aberystwyth

            Mary Thomas servant married aged 49 cook domestic Cardiganshire Bow Street

            Sarah Ellen Davies servant single aged 22 Housemaid born Dolegelly



            Richard Gilbertson head widow aged 83 retired Medical surgeon

            Ellen Anne Gilbertson daughter single aged 45 Cardigan Aberystwyth

            Anne Morgan servant single aged 28 domestic servant Cardigan Aberystwyth



            Thomas Arthur Jones son single aged 38 University student born Cardigan Aberystwyth

            Mary Jones daughter single aged 42 Lodging House Keeper born Cardigan Aberystwyth

            Margaretta Jones daughter single aged 25 Lodging House Keeper born Cardigan Aberystwyth

            Margaret Jane Jones daughter single aged 35 on own means born Cardigan Aberystwyth

            Gertrude Jones sister single aged 32 born on own means Cardigan Aberystwyth

            Margaret Rees servant single aged 21 general servant born Cardigan Aberystwyth




William J Morris Head Married aged 24 Wine Vaults ? born Ferndale Glamorgan

            Mary Ann Morris Wife married aged 25 born Cardigan Aberystwyth

            Ann Mary Morris daughter aged 5 born Cardigan Aberystwyth

            David J Morris son aged 3 born Cardigan Aberystwyth

            Margaret E Morris daughter aged 1 born Cardigan Aberystwyth

            Emily M Morris daughter aged 1 month born Cardigan Aberystwyth

            Emily Davies Sister in Law single aged 18 born Cardigan Aberystwyth


No. 2   William E Heale Head married 31 Sign Painter born Cardigan Aberystwyth

            Anne Maria Heale Wife married 28 born Cardigan Aberystwyth

            Sara A Heale daughter aged 4 born Cardigan Aberystwyth

            Beatrice H Heale daughter aged 2 born Cardigan Aberystwyth



No. 3   Uninhabited


No.4    Ann Evans Head single aged 43 born Cardigan Llangawson

            David J Pugh Relative single 13 born Cardigan Aberystwyth



No.6    Margaret S Williams Head aged 53 Born Llangamarch Breconshire

            Agnes Anne Niece aged 20 Born Builth Brecon

            Charles Pancher Boarder aged 30 Born Great Yarmouth

            Eunice Maria Pancher Boarder aged 30 Born Aberystwyth

            Susanah Williams Boarder aged 64 Born London

            Charles Elsden Boarder aged 29 Born Hertford

            Ralph Allen Daniell Boarder aged 29 Miloe Cornwall


No. 1 University College of Wales

            Joseph Jones Head aged 59 married College Porter born Corwen

            Margaret Jones Wife aged 59 married 25 years Talybont Cardiganshire

            Robert Jones son 24 single Solicitor’s secretary born Aberystywth

            Elizabeth Jones daughter aged 22 single born Aberystwyth      

            Mary Jones daughter aged 22 single born Aberystwyth

            Nora Jones daughter aged 17 single born Aberystwyth



Thomas Stanley Roberts aged 42 Professor of Colonial history University college of Wales Born Fishguard

            Dorothy Susannah Roberts wife 30 Married 3 years born Manorowen

            Elizabeth Mary Roberts daughter 9 months brn Llanwnda

            Dorothy Whitham Help aged 25 single born Leeds

            Marie Hampe servant aged 22 single born Germany



No. 4   Evan Evans Head aged 60 Married solicitor born Aberystwyth

            Anne Evans wife aged 55 married 31 years born Aberystywth

            Myfanwy Evans daughter aged 30 single born Aberystywth

            Ivor Evans son aged 29 single solicitor born Aberystywth

            Violet Evans aged 23 single born Aberystwyth

            Anne Jones servant aged 44 single born Cwsymlog


No.5    Mary Williams Head aged 55 widow Lodging Housekeeper born Llanfingel Upper

            Susannah William singe aged 74 Private means born London

            Sophia Blackwell visitor 72 widow pensioner (old age) born Llanfihangel Upper


No. 6    Mary Davies Head Servant aged 33 single Cook Born Llanddeiniol

            Kate Ellen Morgans Servant aged 26 Single Housemaid Born Capel Bangor


No. 7

Mary Newell Head aged 56 single Boarding School Keeper born Aberystwyth

            Margaret Ann Griffiths cousin aged 50 single born Aberystywth



Sarah Davies Head aged 54 Boarding Housekeeper born Aberystwyth

           Martha Davies daughter aged 26 single born Aberystywth

           Thomas Davies son aged 21 single born Argentina



George Fossett Roberts Head 40 Brewery Mangaer born Cardiganshire

            Mary Robert wife aged 40 married 14 years born Cardiganshire

            Helen Eliz. Fossett Roberts daughter aged 13 born Cardiganshire

            Phyllis Mary Fossett Roberts daughter aged 12 born Cardiganshire

            Jane Marjorie Fossett Roberts daughter aged 8 born Cardiganshire

            Gertrude Anna Duggan Governess aged 20 born in Radnorshire

            Annie Thomas servant housemaid aged 25 born in Cardiganshire

            Mary Nicholas servant cook aged 47 born in Pembrokeshire

            Ellen Edwards servant housemaid aged 28 born Cardiganshire



Ellen A Gilbertson Head 55 single Private means born Cardiganshire

            Jane A Pritchard Servant aged 31General servant born Liverpool




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