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Measurements of the Nanteos Walled Garden

Length of walled garden (from entrance No.2 across to east wall) 159.83 metres
Width of walled garden (from entrance No.8 down to south wall) 52.38 metres

No.1 (Open) width 3.05 metres (modern widening); red brick and stone
No.2 (Blocked up) width 2.00 metres, length 2.11 metres; stone
No.3 (Block up) width 1.30 metres; stone
No.4 (Open with iron gate present) width 1.23 metres, length 2.03 metres; stone
No.5 (Blocked up) width 1.23 metres; stone
No.6 (Blocked up) width 1.25 metres, length 2.00 metres; stone
No.7 (Open) width 1.25 metres, length 2.20 metres; stone
No.8 (Blocked up) width 1.36 metres; stone

Entrance No.1 9.95 metres from entrance No2
Entrance No.1 23.38 metres from west - south corner; red brick to the corner with slight overlap onto the south wall

Wall thickness
0.60 metres at entrance No.1; west wall
0.46 metres at entrance No.7; east wall

Wall height
outer south wall: Aviary area 3.20 metres, pets' grave yard area 3.00 metres
outer south east corner 3.70 metres
inner midsection of east wall 3.70 metres
outer upper east entrance 3.40 metres
outer midsection of north wall 2.70 metres
inner north entrance 3.45 metres
inner north west corner 3.80 metres
inner west entrance 3.15 metres

Vinery stone structure with red brick on east side (south facing frame)
evidence of manipulation
window opening mechanisms with sliding weights, laid into the wall with handgrips
length of vinery frame 13.43 metres, which is attached to a wall of 0.54 metres in width
length of vinery wall 18.90 metres
7 (or 8) steps leading up to the vinery, step length 1.23 metres, width 0.31 metres
11 arches of brick below the window frame, facing south, each measuring 0.80 metres (for vinery roots)

Rear of Vinery (north)
length of all structures is 3.97 metres. First edifice (west) width 1.87 metres, followed by a wall thickness of 0.50 metres, next edifice width 6.86 metres which has evidence of flues, which suggests a hot house, the third edifice width 1.30 metres, which also has evidence of heating, wall thickness 0.91 metres, next edifice width 2.50 metres. And finally at the east side a zinc shed length 2.90, width 2.57 metres, height at tallest point (south) 1.80 metres, height at lowest point (north) 1.18 metres. Lined and floored with strip of wood, evidence of iron cast pipes, to confirmed a heated construction. 'Williams and Metcalfe were paid £12:10:9 for new boiler for the vinery in 1891' (NLW Nanteos Papers A54).

Cold frame Red brick
length 15.00 metres
width 2.63 metres
height at tallest point (north) 0.70 metres, height at lowest point (south 0.42 metres
5 sections within; measuring - 1st 1.60m (nearest to potting shed, west), 2nd 3.05m, 3rd 2.95m, 4th 2.95m and 5th 3.00metres

Cold frame 2.77 metres from potting shed

Potting shed
length 10.85 metres
width 2.63 metres
height 2.77 metres
evidence of part brick frontage at north end
potting shed to north wall 38.16 metres

Greenhouse No.1  stone: inaccessible for measuring
well located in greenhouse
Greenhouse to cold frame 2.80 metres
Boiler inaccessible for measuring
East wall along the boiler 9.30 metres

Greenhouse No.2  red brick
width 5.00 metres
length 13.85 metres
4 -5 Steps to greenhouse
length 2.10 metres
width 2.85 metres
green house No.2 to south wall 27.76 metres
Boiler located rear of greenhouse (north)
evidence of earlier construction
width 1.09 metres
length 5.00
depth  ?

Dipping pond stone lined (circular)
central water mechanism (fountain)
brick surround of pond 22cms
pond to north wall 28.23 metres
pond to west wall 65.06 metres (10.05 metres above entrance No.1)
pond to south wall 29.30 metres
pond to greenhouse No.2 25.20 metres

House / Office north east corner (now dismantled)
One small iron fire grate in corner
one wall cupboard
loft entrance in ceiling
two rooms with one window in each
central doorway with inner porch area
length (south wall) 7.32 metres
width (east wall) 4.99 metres
House /office to south wall 43.47 metres

Aviary / greenhouse (in shrubbery) brick foundation
length12.17 metres

Aviary to entrance No.3 1.00 metres
entrance No.3 1.30 metres
entrance No.3 to iron fence
iron fence to Captain's toilet 4.26 metres

Captain's Toilet
length east wall 2.22 metres
length south wall 2.83 metres
length west wall 2.26 metres
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